Livia Jakobs

Livia Jakobs was granted Dr. Jur. from the University of Leiden in 1985.  In 1988, she was involved in Research of Forensic Handwriting Comparisons.  In 1992, she researched Forensic Expertise.  In 1995, she was editor of "Focus on the Forensic Laboratories in the Netherlands", (Wolters-Noordhoff).  Ms. Jacobs continued her research in forensics expertise in 1996 and participated in an investigation held by the Dutch Society for Criminal Lawyers in 1996.  She is a member of a Research group of Leiden University, in cooperation with the Forensic Laboratories in Rijswijk and the Ministry of Justice in The Hague, researching the state of affairs of forensic expertise and rules of evidence in countries of the Council of Europe.