Claire Loftus

Claire Loftus was appointed as the Director of Public Prosecutions in November 2011.  The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions was established by the Prosecution of Offences Act, 1974. The Act provided for the transfer to the Director of all functions previously performed by the Attorney General in relation to criminal matters and election and referendum petitions. The Director is independent in the performance of her functions.  She enforces the criminal law in the courts on behalf of the People of Ireland; directs and supervises public prosecutions on indictment in the courts; and gives general direction and advice to the Garda Síochána (the Irish police) in relation to summary cases and specific direction in such cases where requested. She joined the Chief State Solicitor's Office as a prosecutor in 1993.  In 1996 / 1997 she acted as Solicitor to the Tribunal of Inquiry into the Irish Blood Bank following the contamination of blood and blood products with Hepatitis C.  In 2001 she was appointed as the first Chief Prosecution Solicitor for Ireland and undertook the reorganisation of the DPP's Solicitor services nationwide within the Office of the DPP.  In 2009 she was selected for the post of Head of Directing Division within the Office of the DPP. This division makes all prosecutorial decisions on files submitted by investigative agencies.   Ms. Loftus received a BA from University College Dublin in 1987.  She qualified as a Solicitor in Ireland in 1992.