The International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law is an international non-governmental association of judges, legislators, lawyers, academics, governmental officials, police and corrections professionals who have come together to work actively on the administration of criminal justice both in their own jurisdiction and internationally.



Every year sees an increase in the appreciation of the global nature of crime in the 21st century. As criminals seek out new ways to profit from exploitation of children and adults for sexual and labour purposes and expand their opportunities for e-crime, law enforcement and domestic legal systems are continually developing new ways of evidence gathering and presentation, more rapid processes for extradition and appropriate care for the victims of crime and for those who are accused and find themselves tried and convicted in foreign jurisdictions.

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YJP Program

YJP Program 23 June 2015

All criminal justice professionals and students in their first 10 years of practice are invited to attend the ISRCL YJP program in Edinburgh.

"Adventures in International Practice: Malawi, Afghanistan, Lockerbie"

Pete McClelland - From Largs to Lilongwe - Advocacy training in Malawi

Helen Knipe - Brogues on the ground: Legal Capacity Building in Afghanistan

Lindsey Miller - The investigation into the bombing of Pan Am 103 - A truly international effort

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The ISRCL is pleased to announce that the 29th international conference will be held in Halifax, NS, Canada from July 24 - 28, 2016.